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How do I know you're the Engineer for me?

Easy! Just send me your project for a free trial where I will provide a mix or a master so you can judge for yourself. This is too important to get wrong!

Can I afford to hire an Engineer?

Almost certainly. If you're serious about your art, then why would you want to compromise? We all invest in our careers and while this can be a tough call sometimes, it's one of the best investments you can make. Simply share your material and vision for the music with me and we can explore budgets that work for us both.

How do I prepare my recordings for you to mix or master?

Simply export each of your individual tracks, each starting at 0, and remove any processing that isn't essential to the sound you are working towards. If you are using virtual instruments, bounce these as audio.

For mastering, export your mix with as little stereo bus processing as possible and keeping peak levels below 0dB.

In both cases, keep the files at their original sample rate and bit depth.

I've never used an Engineer before - how will you help?

Don't worry, I'm endlessly patient and supportive. Much of my work has been with early stage artists over the years so I know just how to lead you through the process and get the most from even the most basic recordings.

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